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A New & Improved Deep Tissue Cream (Posted on May 7, 2012)


It can be tough to find the ideal lubricant for deep tissue massage.

Oils and lotions that work wonderfully for warming up a larger area often feel too slippery when you are ready to go in deep. And many creams “designed” for deep tissue feel too greasy or sticky for an entire massage. You want your clients to feel like you’re nurturing their skin and tissues, not spreading them with Elmer’s glue! We’ve got a solution.

New Formula – Five Years in the Making!

We experimented for years to develop the best formula for Pure Pro Deep Tissue Cream. Using wholesome ingredients like organic golden jojoba oil, it nourishes the skin while providing just the right amount of glide. Use sparingly when you want to target a trigger point in the QL, or add a little more to give your effleurage an effortless flow. While you will love it for what it does for your massage, clients love it for how it makes their skin feel. This cream is so rich and smooth, you’ll want to use it on yourself!

Incredibly Versatile

Our Deep Tissue Cream is unscented, mixes well with essential oils, and is perfect for a wide variety of treatments from head to toe. Whether you’re locating sneaky trigger points in the scalenes, providing friction to tight pectorals, or wrestling with plantar adhesions, our cream has you covered. It’s also wonderful for external TMJ massage; this is a cream that doesn’t feel too heavy for the face.

Are you a die-hard oil fan who doesn’t normally bother with massage cream? Have a favorite cream already and feeling skeptical about making a switch?C’mon, give it a shot. We know you’ll like it.

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