Best Valentine Ever & Early To Boot!

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 6th Jan 2016

When effort comes from a place of love, it shows. It can’t not show, in fact.

Every single day I hear from Healers doing the most amazing work with people and animals all over the globe.This is the work they cannot not do. 

When your calling is also your essence you can’t help but make the ultimate contribution to all you touch.

I make every single drop of oil, lotion, and cream that way, too. I cannot, not do so. It just really hit home with me today that for our work to truly be healing, be real, it must come from love.

Duty, responsibility, obligation are all pale placebos in the face of such huge love. And our hearts know that always.

I am so glad I get to work with healers who cannot, not do what they do. Keep doing it so well!