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Continuing Education in New England. It’s awesome! (Posted on May 21, 2012)


Massage therapists often work alone, and it’s easy in the day-to-day hustle to forget about the importance of community. Community is where you discover new perspectives, hash out your ethical dilemmas, unearth new business opportunities, and get that much-needed massage. Understandably, the quality of your community can have a profound impact on your massage therapy practice, as well as your personal life.

At no time is this more clear than when thinking about continuing education. Just as your initial choice of massage school impacted your early education, the community in which you learn as a more experienced therapist has a huge influence not only on what you learn, but how you learn it.

Luckily, New England has a uniquely rich community of massage therapists, full of smart, funny, and engaging individuals, all within a reasonable drive or train trip from one another. Sure, it’s great to supplement with online trainings and more distant conferences, but there’s nothing like connecting with your neighbors close to home. With so many opportunities for personal and professional growth in the region, it’s hard not to find classes that pique your interest and enrich your practice. Here’s just a sampling of the great learning going on in New England in 2012.

Try New Techniques in Maine and Vermont

This June, why not give your hands a break and try out Kinesio Taping with Steve Huber in Maine? Kinesio Taping, which allows your massage to keep working long after your client has gone home, can be as effective with desk workers as with athletes. Or if you’re looking for more hands-on techniques along with a healthy dash of clinical reasoning, Vermont’s November offering,Clinical Orthopedic Massage Techniques for the Neck with Dr. Joe Muscolino is a perfect fit. Don’t let a “pain in the neck” stop your clients anymore!

Ignite Your Online Marketing in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Website got a case of the blahs? Not sure how to use Facebook aside from “liking” photos of your niece’s piano recitals? New England has you covered with two great offerings this year. In Connecticut, Allissa Haines will be offering a two-hour crash course this July in Using Facebook for Your Massage Business. Non-intimidating and immediately useful, this class will help you get started and begin interacting with current and potential clients right away. If that leaves you hungry for more, head over to Massachusetts in September, when business strategist Randall Craig gives a Social Media Master Class on how to integrate multiple forms of social media into your marketing without it taking every hour of the day. Sound impossible? It’s not.

Practice Life-Saving Skills (Literally) in Rhode Island

If a student learned a technique in school and then didn’t practice for a year afterwards, would you trust them to try it out on your serious injury? Similarly, if it’s been a year or more since your last CPR or First Aid course, would you feel prepared to save your client’s life? Why not come down to Rhode Island in June and renew your certification? Bill Simas uses his 18 years of experience as an American Heart Association trainer (and his skills as a comedian!) to make this important skill set easy to understand and remember.

Where Will You Be Learning in 2012? Will you be taking courses on your computer screen, here in New England, or further afield? Let us know; maybe we’ll see you there!

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