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Keep your cool this summer with Peppermint Pedango (Posted on July 2, 2013 by Dianna)

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Summer is here! When the seasons change, so do your clients’ needs. It can sometimes be frustrating trying to figure out what essential products to have in your toolbox to help with a broad range of client issues. The last thing you want is to be overrun with bottles for every month of the year. Luckily, we’ve got a cream that wows their socks off and offers benefits from toe-to-head! Here are some of the super effective ingredients in Peppermint Pedango that will help you and your clients enjoy the summer season to the fullest.

Smooth sandal feet with nourishing Coconut and Apricot oils and protect them with Tea Tree
pedango summer feetBarefoot season can be wonderful, but cracked heels, calluses, scaley skin and foot odor can make you want to hide your tootsies in suffocating sneakers all summer long. Deeply penetrating oils like coconut and apricot kernel work hard to nourish dry and cracked skin, healing it from the inside out while softening and moisturizing tough calluses. (Softens rough knees and elbows too!) And to keep those feet healthy, Tea Tree oil has anti-fungal properties to help combat odor and offer some much-needed protection when you head to the shower at the local pool. Your feet are your foundation; be sure to treat them right!

Treat summer sports injuries with healing Arnica
From hopping on your mountain bike, hitting the tennis courts, or running in the local 5K, the summer upswing in activity also leads to increased soreness and injury, from bruises and sunburn to sprains and strains. Pure Pro’s handmade and potent Activated Arnica Complex helps to reduce swelling, decrease soreness and speed the healing process for sore muscles, bumps, bruises and minor sunburn. After a volleyball tournament or tough day on the trail, nothing helps ease away the discomfort like Arnica and a great massage!

Ease headaches with cooling Peppermint
Headaches come in many different forms, and have myriad causes. High pollen counts can cause sinus headaches in allergy sufferers, while others might fall sick from migraines after unknowingly eating certain trigger foods at a family potluck or barbecue. Dehydration is another major headache cause, and is especially common in the summer months. For calming and cooling relief, massage a small amount of Peppermint Pedango cream into the back of the neck up to the occiput and along the forehead at the hairline to the temples (keeping away from the eyes). Want to learn more about using Peppermint Pedango for headache treatments? The following video shows you how: 

Enjoy the curveballs that summer tosses your way, and volley them back…Peppermint Pedango can help you and your clients make the most of a summer to remember!

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