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Massage Products for Clients with Acne (Posted on October 2, 2012)


Acne vulgaris (generally just referred to as acne) is a very common skin condition, usually affecting the face, chest, and back. While acne is best known for afflicting teenagers, it can be present in people of all ages, especially those who have been experiencing hormonal changes. Since acne is so widespread, it’s important to know which kinds of products help, and which will only make the condition worse.

PurePro LotionOne ingredient that is used in many commercial massage lotions is octyl palmitate. This ingredient is what gives these lotions their extra-slippery feeling, and leaves a residue that can irritate the skin and block pores. Our Pure Pro Hypoallergenic Lotiondoes not use this ingredient, and gets its glide the old-fashioned way, with gentle oils such as coconut and golden jojoba. These nourish the skin rather than smother it, and will not aggravate acne.

In addition to our Hypoallergenic Lotion, another helpful product is a gentle skin cleanser called Alcoholado. This can be used to remove any excess massage oil from the skin without drying or irritating. Alcoholado includes Bay Laurel Leaf extract, which opens pores and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. This is not just a great product for acne-prone clients; many clients love this, especially those heading back to work after massage.

Many people feel ashamed of their acne, and choose not to receive professional massage due to fear of either aggravating the condition or being embarrassed in front of a massage therapist. By making your clients aware that you are prepared to work with them with the best products available to them, you can help potential clients to overcome this fear, creating a relationship that is built on trust.

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