Summer Sports Massage. Are you ready? (Posted on May 30, 2013 by Dianna)

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 17th Aug 2015

It’s finally summer, and everyone’s going outside! Pools, golf courses, and volleyball courts fill up with warm-weather enthusiasts. Kayakers and hikers break out their gear. Student athletes, freed from academic obligations, step up their training for the coming fall.

But with all the summer activity comes summer soreness. Sports are such a common cause of injury that some even have namesakes, like tennis elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, and runner’s knee. People who were fairly sedentary during the colder months may try to jump back into sports at last year’s level of intensity, resulting in delayed-onset muscle soreness for some, and weeks of bench-warming recovery time for others.Grandparents are transformed into pitching coaches. Family reunions turn into frisbee games. During the summer months, everyone becomes a bit of an athlete. And so all massage therapists, specialists or not, may find themselves doing a bit of sports massage.

Sports massage, as a specialty, refers to massage therapy done for the purpose of improving athletic performance. This can include:

  • Improving athletic function, such as increasing range of motion in a swimmer’s shoulder.
  • Preventing injury, as in loosening tight hamstrings that might otherwise become strained during a soccer game.
  • Treating injury, as when using friction techniques to help alleviate a rock climber’s tendonitis.

So what do these three facets of sports massage have in common? They have very specific goals, and tend to be focused on a specific set of muscles. For this reason, choosing the right product for the job is especially important.You want the ability to return to an area to work the same muscles again and again, but you don’t want your client to be so slippery that you slide off to the side as soon as you start to work a little deeper. It’s a balance of qualities that can be hard to find.

Deep Tissue CreamLuckily, Pure Pro’s Deep Tissue Massage Cream is perfect for sports massage work. It’s got a wonderful gripping glide that allows you to work on those deeper tissues with ease, without feeling sticky or tacky when warming up the superficial muscles with broader, gliding strokes. It includes nourishing ingredients like coconut, apricot kernel, and jojoba oil, which can feel wonderful on calloused or weather-worn skin. And it can be combined with arnica concentrate for extra relief from bumps, bruises, and muscle aches.

The summer athletic season is a great chance for people to get out and challenge themselves in new ways, whether it’s an Ironman triathlon or a charity walk. Why not challenge yourself to get out there as well? From the NFL to Little League, there are numerous athletes who are looking for improved performance and relief from pain. Armed with the right knowledge, the right products, and a great attitude, you could be just the massage therapist to give them exactly what they need. And when you do, you can be confident that Pure Pro is always here for you, in the front row of the stands, cheering you on.