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The abs have it. (Posted on May 2, 2013 by Dianna )

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We are a nation obsessed with our stomachs. For some reason, we’ve decided to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about our beer bellies, baby bumps, or washboard abs.

But for all the time we spend thinking about those abominable abdominals, very few massage therapists have the courage or the know-how to spend much time working on them, which is a pity. There’s more to the abdominal muscles than just a pretty six-pack. The good stuff runs deep.

Seriously, really deep. The psoas is an example of a muscle that is known both for causing low back and hip pain and for being infamously difficult to reach. It runs just lateral to the spine, but unlike erector spinae it’s actually anterior to the transverse processes. Meaning, if you’re going to get in, it’s not going to be from the back.

So what to do? It’s time to get comfortable with abdominal massage.Whether working supine or in a side-lying position, abdominal massage gives you access to muscles that can’t be reached any other way. It also gives you a new way to reach some of those muscles that are usually only worked from one angle. Understanding abdominal massage means you have a key to pain relief and postural improvement that most massage therapists simply do not have.

And those results are going to bring new clients into your practice and keep them there for life.



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