Conserve. Preserve. Serve.

Good Actions Make Good Sense

How does what we do affect you?
Our Actions Consequences
We use only recycled & reused packing materials:
  • recycled content kraft paper
  • recycled content plastic bubbles
  • reused packing peanuts, foam inserts, cardboard, & plastic bags (discarded by local businesses)
No resources sacrificed. This is why your package may contain a mix of various packaging.

You can recycle these items too. All paper & cardboard can be placed in recycling bins. You can give all other packing materials to a local business to reuse or reuse them yourself in gifts you ship at the holidays or to pad fragile valuables when you travel.
We use only post-consumer recycled paper products. Just like you, we agree it's irresponsible to harvest virgin pulp from our beautiful, healthful forests when post-consumer recycled paper products are readily available.
We recycle all of our recyclable office & break room waste. All paper is fully used before we discard it in the recycle bin and partially printed pages are also used for jotting down notes. By printing on both sides of the paper before discarding it, we get the most out of each piece.
We minimize production waste:
  • We have strict quality control procedures in place on our production line and we take it slow and do it right to avoid problems.
  • Anyone who's visited our factory outlet store can tell you, the best consequence of our recycling efforts is our seconds bin*!
    *Sorry, not available online or by phone.

If we take our time and do it right from the start, it's better for everyone. In addition, outlet store customers enjoy picking through our seconds bin for serious bargains, one-of-a-kind surprises & really wild concoctions.

Come visit us!
We recycle all of our recyclable production waste such as paper towels. A local farm takes our used paper towels and converts them to rich compost.
We provide you a concise 100% recycled paper catalogue only when you need it. And we don't needlessly mail catalogues every couple of months. Save paper. Save gas transporting all that paper through our Postal Service. Save you from clutter.
We're endlessly developing our website to add more features and information so that you'll have more at your fingertips when you need it. A catalogue couldn't possibly contain this much anyway - we'd have to call it a book! You'll have our wealth of information and expertise any time day or night. You can bookmark or print only what you need. Together we'll save paper and time.
We purchase our office and warehouse supplies locally from other small businesses. If we support our surrounding community, we will all succeed.
We purchase our components from neighboring businesses when we can and otherwise from US and European manufacturers. In an age of recalls, exposés, and economic instability, businesses are accountable for the choices they make. By supporting US manufacturers we help keep manufacturing of quality items alive within the US so we'll have a stable job market, fair working conditions, and better made goods we can count on.
Not only can you recycle our bottles, but soon we'll package our oils and lotion in recycled plastic. We need you to join us in keeping our bottles out of landfills!
We have an odd business schedule. You may have noticed that we're not open on Fridays - many apologies for the inconvenience. But this is for a few good reasons:
  1. We're saving our employees a day of commuting expenses and time (most of us live a half hour or further from work)
  2. In terms of production, we have longer days and more up-time on the lines. This means that we're running more efficiently, breaking down machinery and cleaning less, therefore, using less water and electricity
  3. In terms of our facility, that gives a long weekend for the utilities to rest - no a/c, no heat (except when it's frigid outside), no lights and computers draining energy

Conserve, preserve, reuse, recycle, renew - these are our guiding tenets.

We end up happier all around. Think about how hard you work when you have a long weekend on the horizon. And you feel refreshed when you return.
We have changed over all of our warehouse and office lighting to state-of-the-art super efficient fixtures that use 70% less electricity.  

Share your thoughts and suggestions!

butterfly-on-flower.jpgBe Part Of The Eco-Revolution

Some simple actions you can incorporate into your life and practice include joining your community recycling program and recycling all of your discarded paper goods, cardboard, metal, glass and plastics (yes, Pure Pro packaging is recyclable!). Also try conserving electricity in your treatment room by changing your light bulbs to Energy Star rated compact fluorescents and turning off any unnecessary lights and electronics (create that supremely relaxing ambiance).

Definitely bookmark this EWG Skin Deep site for reference, The Environmental Working Group has compiled this cosmetics database for researching a vast array of personal care products and the impacts of their ingredients. There is an overwhelming amount of information, so be specific in your searching and then use the information provided as a springboard into more well-rounded research on the specific ingredients discussed.

We hope to have more detailed eco-tips for you soon.