Best Valentine Ever & Early To Boot!

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 6th Jan 2016

When effort comes from a place of love, it shows. It can’t not show, in fact.Every single day I hear from Healers doing the most amazing work with people and animals all over the globe.This is the work they cannot not do. When your calling is also your essence you can’t help but make the ultimate contribution to all you touch.I make every single drop of oil, lotion, and cream that way, to … read more

4 ways to add Rosemary into your treatments (Posted on November 12, 2012)

17th Aug 2015

Ward off Cold & Flu Germs! Stay Healthy! (and get 10% off these essential oils through next week!)‘Tis the season for those bugs to be multiplying and making us feel oh, so sick. Did you know there are some essential oils that are natural born germ fighters?Here are a few of my absolute faves, they’re must haves for this time of the year!RosemaryThis gal is my #1 pick when it comes to fighting … read more

Summer Sports Massage. Are you ready? (Posted on May 30, 2013 by Dianna)

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 17th Aug 2015

It’s finally summer, and everyone’s going outside! Pools, golf courses, and volleyball courts fill up with warm-weather enthusiasts. Kayakers and hikers break out their gear. Student athletes, freed from academic obligations, step up their training for the coming fall.But with all the summer activity comes summer soreness. Sports are such a common cause of injury that some even have namesakes, lik … read more

Which cream is for me? (​Posted on June 26, 2012 by Pure Pro)

17th Aug 2015

I love massage cream and both the Ralph Stephens Medical Massage Cream and the Deep Tissue Massage Cream look great. What’s the difference between them? How do I choose which massage cream is best for me?This is a good question, and the answer depends on your personal preferences, your clients, and on the type of work you do.Pure Pro Deep Tissue Massage CreamThis Deep Tissue Massage Cream has a ve … read more

Welcome to my New Blog on our Brand New Pure Pro Website!

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 17th Aug 2015

Honestly, I feel like I have won the technology lottery with all the cool stuff we have now and the even more amazing stuff we are putting into place for you in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience as we made the transfer. At the core, Pure Pro has always been about healers. I welcome your feedback because just like the products we make, is a resource where you go to le … read more