Our Favorite Essential Oils for Spring

Our Favorite Essential Oils for Spring

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 3rd Apr 2022

It’s spring! The longer days are brightening my mood and the tulips are poking up through the ground with their persistence and hopefulness.

At this time of year I make an extra effort to shake off the heaviness of winter and clear my head as well as my physical space.

I’ve found that bringing essential oils into my treatment room to reflect the season improves my hands-on work and the whole bodywork experience for my clients.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite synergy and single-note essential oils for spring and we’re giving you free shipping on those through April 28, 2022.

Healing Syngergy

Our Healing Synergy imparts the clean scent of French Lavender tinged with the bright freshness of Rosemary, then as you work all of the other oils come into play. You'll smell a hint of Hawaiian Ylang Ylang flower laced with Sweet Orange and just a smidge of Peppermint to complete this ultra relaxing synergy.

Healing Synergy is especially great for those clients who struggle to relax and ‘let go’ in a treatment.

pink grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit essential oil is a sophisticated balance of brightness and acidity. 

Use Pink Grapefruit oil in a diffuser to help alleviate headaches and depression or dilute and apply topically to help stimulate the lymphatic system as you massage.


Sweet fennel is often used topically to relax and renew muscle tone as well as ease symptoms from digestive upset. 

Sweet fennel adds a gentle, clearing, sweet anise aroma to any relaxation massage. Blends well with LemonBergamot, and African Geranium.


Rosemary is a stimulating oil for both topical and diffuser use and enhances concentration and memory. It rejuvenates skin, scalp, and hair follicles and is particularly useful for stimulating circulation to relieve muscular pain. 

We have Certified Organic Rosemary as well as conventional Rosemary Essential Oil for you to try with your clients.