A Little about Yomassage (and our lotion)

A Little about Yomassage (and our lotion)

12th Apr 2022

Now more than ever, clients are seeking mind-body focused healing modalities and ways to relax, de-stress, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and find peace in the present moment. Yomassage is a new modality that aims to provide all of the above, and offer it in an accessible setting. In this blog we dive deeper into Yomassage, the practice, and how to incorporate Pure Pro products into the sessions.

When was Yomassage founded?

Yomassage is a new concept in massage. It was created by Katherine Parker and Dr. Tiffany Ryan in Portland, OR in 2018 as a way to receive massage in a more accessible setting: fully clothed and in a small group. Yomassage combines restorative stretch, therapeutic touch, and mindfulness.

Tiffany and Katherine created Yomassage to be a class at Katherine’s yoga studio. The class was so popular that they turned it into a training and certification program for massage therapists and wellness practitioners. Yomassage has been featured on the cover of ABMP, in Thrive Global, American Spa, Hospitality Net, Massage Mag, and more.

Who is Yomassage for?

Yomassage appeals to clients who are interested in relaxation techniques such as meditation, restorative stretching or yoga, and of course, massage. With the small group format, Yomassage lowers the barrier to entry for massage making it a modality that clients can access more frequently and at a more affordable rate. The group setting and fully clothed components also make it a great option for those who are new to massage, or nervous about attending a 1:1 session with a new provider.

< What does a Yomassage session look like?

Yomassage started as a small-group offering that combines restorative stretch, massage therapy, and mindfulness meditation.

Over the years, the modality has evolved to include various other group offerings including Signature Yomassage®, Energetic Yomassage®, Mindful Touch® by Yomassage®, Barefoot Yomassage®, Yomassage® Facials, Trauma-Informed Yomassage® and Yomassage® Self-Care.

Yomassage® also offers 1:1 treatment options on the massage table including Table Yomassage®, Energetic Yomassage®, Mindful Touch® by Yomassage®, Yomassage® Facials, and Trauma-Informed Yomassage®.

Whichever treatment option you choose, the session will follow the same format. It will begin with a meditation or deep breathing ritual to become grounded in the present moment, followed by a series of restorative stretches. In each restorative stretch, the client will receive therapeutic touch from the practitioner and more mindfulness and breathing guidance throughout the session.

You can see videos of the different Yomassage offerings on the Yomassage Youtube channel here.

Who can get certified in Yomassage?

Licensed massage therapists are qualified to take all of the Yomassage trainings. Most massage therapists start with the Signature Yomassage® certification.

Licensed estheticians are qualified to take the Yomassage® Facial training and the Mindful Touch® training.

Reiki practitioners are qualified to take the Mindful Touch® training and the Energetic Yomassge® training.

Yoga teachers and other wellness professionals are qualified to take the Mindful Touch® training.

How is lotion used in a Yomassage session?

While Yomassage Therapists use many massage techniques over clothing, it can be a very nice addition to the session to use lotion on parts of the body that aren’t covered in clothing and are well suited for gliding rather than compression or kneading.

Reclined butterfly is an ideal position for incorporating lotion. In this position the client is laying down over a bolster with the soles of their feet touching. They get an adductor, pec, and low back stretch in this position. The therapist has access to massage the base of the skull, neck, and into the upper traps. We suggest gliding from the center of the occipitals laterally several times before moving the fingers under the upper back on either side of the spine gliding up towards the base of the skull. You can also use lotion in this position to glide over the upper traps from the base of the neck laterally several times. A final technique could be taking the neck to the side and using lotion to glide along the scalenes from just behind the ear all the way to the shoulder.

Another position that is ideal for incorporating lotion is final relaxation. In final relaxation clients lay supine with their legs elevated. In this position we massage the hands and/or lower legs and feet and then use a warm moist towel to remove excess lotion.

Lotions with therapeutic benefits such as the Arnica Relief Massage Lotion could be marketed as an add-on to the session and even sold to the client for use at home after the session.

How can I incorporate Yomassage into my massage practice?

The easiest way to start incorporating Yomassage into most massage practices is by offering Yomassage 1:1 on the massage table. This will be the quickest way to get started and become more comfortable with the positions and the practice and utilize the setup you already have. Other therapists have space in their practice to start offering sessions for couples or even small groups right away. If you don’t have space for couples or small groups in your practice, you can partner with yoga studios, wellness centers, gyms, retreat centers, and more.

Yomassage has a whole business and marketing section in their training to teach you different ways to incorporate Yomassage into your practice, partner with like-minded businesses, and advertise your Yomassage offerings. After the training, the Yomassage founders hold monthly Zoom calls for graduates to answer any questions you have and help to continuously support you in your Yomassage practice.

How do I learn how to offer this modality?

Yomassage offers high quality virtual certifications created by industry experts with experience creating online curriculum for universities. With the virtual certifications, you have the option of taking the training in a 3-week format with accountability through peer discussions and weekly due dates. Or, you can choose to take the self-paced version of the training that gives you 3 months to complete the training at your own pace. With both versions of the training, you are working on your own time, but have the option to join weekly Zoom calls with your master trainer. You will receive grades and feedback on all of your assignments including quizzes, discussions, and practice videos.

You can learn more about what each training includes, the contents, and the upcoming training dates here: https://yomassage.com/pages/find-a-training

Use the code PUREPRO10 for 10% off Yomassage Certifications.

Yomassage is also always available to schedule a Zoom or phone call with you to answer any questions you may have. You can contact them here: https://yomassage.com/pages/contact