Stone Massage Therapy


The benefits of massage therapy are enhanced by use of heated and cold stones. Heated stones are selected for their shapes, smoothness and heat retaining capacity. The heat helps to relax and release the muscles for a more soothing and effective massage. Cold stones are made of marble which draws heat from the tissue for transformative effects on the skin.


Pure Pro + Stone Massage

ultra-mssage-oil.jpgUltra Massage Oil ™, 8 oz Flip Top Bottle
  • Cleans off stones, equipment and linens easily and completely
  • Gives control with just the right glide without being slippery
  • Leaves the skin soft and silky, not greasy
  • Hands-down the preferred texture for stone massage


peppermint-pedando-foot-cream.jpgPeppermint Pedango Foot Cream™, 4 oz Refillable Pump Bottle
  • Soothes tired feet and aching legs
  • Softens dry, damaged skin instantly
  • Invigorates and freshens
  • Jazzes up any treatment making it a special experience


orange-degreaser.jpgOrange Linen Degreaser for Sheets™, Gallon (128 oz)
  • Sanitizes and degreases completely to keep your sheets like new
  • Leaves no scent or odor behind
  • Prevents unsightly stains and dangerous dryer fires
  • Removes oil buildup from stones - just dilute and soak


Hear what Pat has to say...



Ultra Blend gives me the perfect glide for hot stone massage. It's light enough to allow me to grip the stones, yet leaves no residue on clients, and cleans off the stones easily.

Pat Mayrhofer, Founder/CEO/Instructor, Nature's Stones, Inc.


Interested in learning more about Hot Stone massage and what Nature's Stones can offer you?

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