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Healing Essential Oil Synergy™, 15 ml (Half oz)

Healing Essential Oil Synergy™, 15 ml (Half oz)


Product Description

Pure Pro Healing Blend is the same combination of essential oils used to scent our best-selling Herbal Unwind Massage Oil. Now you can use this all-purpose, therapeutic blend in any carrier oil, cream, or lotion! Our Healing Blend imparts the sweet scent of Lavender tinged with the sharpness of Rosemary, then as you work all of the other oils come into play. You'll smell a hint of Ylang Ylang laced with Sweet Orange and just a shadow of Peppermint. Absolutely enchanting.

Easy Aromatherapy for Deep Relaxation

Scientists believe our emotional reaction to scent is directly related to the fact that our olfactory organs (nose, mouth, throat) & our limbic system (controls instinctive behavior) are literally right next to each other on the head (brain).

We all know what it is like to work on a client who is actively "struggling" trying so much to relax. Why not use this hardwired "olfactory instinct" to help your clients relax?

Starting today make a commitment integrate the power of aromatherapy into just one treatment this week. Make it simple by adding a few drops of our Healing Essential Oil Synergy to your regular oil or lotion.

Start the treatment applying the mixture to the chest, neck & shoulders. Share with your client these powerful benefits of Healing Synergy:

Lavender - the Queen of rest & rejuvenation
Rosemary - purifies, clears negative energies
Ylang Ylang - relieves adrenal exhaustion, anti-depressant
Sweet Orange - uplifting, anti-inflammatory
Peppermint - clarity of vision, detoxifying

How to prepare & use:
1 ounce (30 ml) unscented oil or lotion
3 drops Healing Synergy
Mix well.
Apply as you would any massage oil or lotion in the treatment.

For a larger bottle:
8 ounces (240 ml) unscented oil or lotion
24 drops Healing Synergy
Mix well.


  • Breathe Deep
  • Ease Muscle Tension
  • Perfect For Men & Women


100% Essential Oil of Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang.


This product is intended for use by trained professionals only. Do not take internally. Essential oils can be poisonous! Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to the skin. Dilute before use. Recommended ratio is 1 to 3 drops of essential oil per one ounce of carrier oil, lotion or cream. Our 1 ounce Empty Bottles are perfect for this. Mix well. All Pure Pro essential oils are 100% pure and uncut. We select our professional quality essential oils for their healing powers and aromatic intensity and excellence. Since they are very concentrated unlike most store brands, they will irritate or possibly burn the skin if not diluted. If you are unsure how to safely use Pure Pro essential oils, please Contact Us for assistance.


Essential oils can be poisonous! Did you know that it takes over 7 lbs., of pulverized birch bark to make one half ounce bottle of Birch essential oil? Do you know that Birch and Wintergreen contain high concentrations of methyl salicylate which is the active ingredient in aspirin and ingesting as little as one half ounce can be lethal? Did you know it takes over 4 lbs., of flowering peppermint tops to make one half ounce bottle of Peppermint essential oil? This extreme potency is what can make essential oils toxic or even deadly if used improperly!


Pure Pro Certification of Naturalness


All Pure Pro essential oils are 100% pure, uncut, and unadulterated. All of our essential oils are therapeutic grade and are used by certified aromatherapists around the world. Our essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed thus preserving the volatile oils of the leaf, flower, root, rhizome, berry, seed, bark, peel, wood or resin. We certify the potency and naturalness of every Pure Pro essential oil through gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index, specific gravity, and lot tracking.

We do offer our expensive absolutes (Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, and Vanilla) in two forms: 1. as pure absolutes in 2 ml bottles, and 2. as pure absolutes diluted in jojoba - 1 ml of absolute in 14 ml of jojoba in a 15 ml bottle. These are clearly stated in the product descriptions and none of our other single note essential oils or essential oil blends are diluted.

We source the highest quality, sustainably grown, most aromatically desirable essential oils and scrutinize each lot to be sure it meets our standards. The country of origin for each of our essential oils varies based upon availability and quality. Each of our essential oils is priced based on market supply thus our prices are very competitive.

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