On Quality and Trust

On Quality and Trust

Posted by Dianna Dapkins on 1st Jan 2020

When I started making my own massage products, my kitchen was the “production area.” I didn’t set out to make money. I had really sensitive skin and I HAD to make the products that were safe for me and for my clients because no one else was doing it! I made products from the very best natural materials I could find, and I kept them free of harsh chemicals and worrisome “mystery ingredients.” I also made sure that all my creams, oils, and lotions were always 100% vegan and cruelty free. I was creating what Pure Pro has stood for ever since: QUALITY.

I appreciate the trust you place in Pure Pro and I want everything we make to bring joy and healing to you and your clients, just as it does to my own clients.As the cost of materials goes up, I will not cheapen the formulas of the products you rely on. I want to make sure that Pure Pro remains the single best product source for serious massage professionals. That is why I have had to increase some of our prices to reflect the current cost of making these premium oils, lotions, and creams. This is our first price increase in over three years and I have kept it to the bare minimum because I know we are all in this economy together.

When you think of Pure Pro I want you to smile and be proud to offer your clients natural and effective pain relief tools and lotions, creams and oils specially designed to be good for your health.

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Thank you also for each and every one of your orders. You and the work you are doing mean the world to us! We trust your knowledge and skills. We trust in Pure Pro. Just like you, we trust in touch.