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Birch, Sweet Essential Oil, 15 ml (Half oz)

Birch, Sweet Essential Oil, 15 ml (Half oz)

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Product Description

Betula lenta (USA)

Sweet Birch Essential Oil exudes all its healing attributes direct from the bark of the black birch tree. As a single note, it is intensely woody and deep yet brightly sweet. Its stimulating medicinal aroma is pleasant for use in treatment of muscle and joint soreness.

In minute amounts, Sweet Birch oil increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and provides an analgesic effect helping to ease pain. This is because its primary constituent is methyl salicylate, which is a precursor to aspirin. Salicylates are very potent compounds that permeate the skin and inhibit the formation of prostaglandins thereby reducing inflammation and pain. Salicylates can be toxic and need to be used very sparingly, cautiously, and knowledgeably (see important info below). Sweet Birch is an excellent topical treatment for gout and sciatica.

Aromatherapeutically, Sweet Birch is very effective to use in a diffuser for easing congestion and improving respiration. Deep inhalation will open air passages, clear out mucous, clear the sinuses and soothe coughs. Its bright aroma also stimulates and clears the mind.

Enjoy Sweet Birch as a single note or try in combination with Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, or Lavender.

IMPORTANT: Birch should be used by trained health professionals only. For your safety, we strongly recommend that Birch be used solely for diffusion into the air. Birch is toxic and can be poisonous - never ingest or use internally in any way. If applied topically, dilute into a carrier oil or lotion and use very sparingly and cautiously due to its methyl salicylate content (the same ingredient found in aspirin).
DO NOT use Birch if you are allergic to aspirin. If you are taking medications containing methyl salicylate, including aspirin, do not use Birch to prevent overdose. Those taking blood thinning medications, those with high blood pressure, pregnant women, and children should not use Birch. Absolutely keep away from pets and store out of children's reach!

  • Eases Muscle Aches
  • Stimulates Circulation
  • Reduces Swelling & Arthritis Pain


100% Essential Oil of Sweet Birch


This product is intended for use by trained professionals only. Do not take internally. Essential oils can be poisonous! Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to the skin. Dilute before use. Recommended ratio is 1 to 3 drops of essential oil per one ounce of carrier oil, lotion or cream. Our 1 ounce Empty Bottles are perfect for this. Mix well. All Pure Pro essential oils are 100% pure and uncut. We select our professional quality essential oils for their healing powers and aromatic intensity and excellence. Since they are very concentrated unlike most store brands, they will irritate or possibly burn the skin if not diluted. If you are unsure how to safely use Pure Pro essential oils, please Contact Us for assistance.


Essential oils can be poisonous! Did you know that it takes over 7 lbs., of pulverized birch bark to make one half ounce bottle of Birch essential oil? Do you know that Birch and Wintergreen contain high concentrations of methyl salicylate which is the active ingredient in aspirin and ingesting as little as one half ounce can be lethal? Did you know it takes over 4 lbs., of flowering peppermint tops to make one half ounce bottle of Peppermint essential oil? This extreme potency is what can make essential oils toxic or even deadly if used improperly!


Pure Pro Certification of Naturalness


All Pure Pro essential oils are 100% pure, uncut, and unadulterated. All of our essential oils are therapeutic grade and are used by certified aromatherapists around the world. Our essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed thus preserving the volatile oils of the leaf, flower, root, rhizome, berry, seed, bark, peel, wood or resin. We certify the potency and naturalness of every Pure Pro essential oil through gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index, specific gravity, and lot tracking.

We do offer our expensive absolutes (Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, and Vanilla) in two forms: 1. as pure absolutes in 2 ml bottles, and 2. as pure absolutes diluted in jojoba - 1 ml of absolute in 14 ml of jojoba in a 15 ml bottle. These are clearly stated in the product descriptions and none of our other single note essential oils or essential oil blends are diluted.

We source the highest quality, sustainably grown, most aromatically desirable essential oils and scrutinize each lot to be sure it meets our standards. The country of origin for each of our essential oils varies based upon availability and quality. Each of our essential oils is priced based on market supply thus our prices are very competitive.

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  1. birch is so warming and cooling at the same time 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Dec 2020)

    I add this to my body lotion and hand creme to soothe muscle tension. I love the smell, and Birch is good for the tendency to arthritis/aging. I also like knowing that I can support a small company when I buy their excellent products.

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