Ultra Massage Oil - One Gallon (128 oz)

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Pure Pro Ultra Water Dispersible Massage Oil is the natural choice of Hot Stone Massage practitioners and instructors worldwide because it washes off stones, linens, and equipment easily and leaves clients clean!* This gentle blend is also great for Infant, Pregnancy, Elder, Hospice, Deep Tissue, My… read more


Pure Pro Ultra Water Dispersible Massage Oil is the natural choice of Hot Stone Massage practitioners and instructors worldwide because it washes off stones, linens, and equipment easily and leaves clients clean!* This gentle blend is also great for Infant, Pregnancy, Elder, Hospice, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Swedish, and Decollete massage, and Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. Ultra also makes an ideal carrier oil for aromatherapy treatments.

  • Easy Hot Stone Clean up
  • Feels Like Lotion!
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin, Pregnancy & Infant Massage

"You need a massage oil that feels clean & non-greasy, so I made it for you!"

                                                                       Dianna Dapkins, Creator of Pure Pro

As a deep tissue Massage Therapist I needed the perfect combination of grip and glide. I created Pure Pro Ultra with all the benefits of an oil and the clean feel of a lotion. I made it 100% natural with no harsh chemical additives so it is safe even for your baby's skin. And I made it water dispersible so Ultra leaves my linens, stones and my clients absolutely clean! Hand blended in small batches and made just for your healing touch!

Pure Pro Ultra is a completely unscented, super concentrate to give you just the right glide without feeling greasy. Just coat your fingers with a few drops you'll be amazed at the coverage and powdery soft texture of Pure Pro Ultra.  

Available sizes: 1/2 oz, sample/travel size8 oz Flip Top BottleHalf Gallon or One Gallon.



* In laundry tests, Pure Pro Ultra Blend cleaned up better than any other dispersible oil tested because it is a combination of natural vegetable wax esters derived from Coconut Oil and the finest cosmetic oils nature has to offer. Pure Pro Ultra is extra gentle for use on sensitive skin and it is nut-oil free. (Contrary to what it sounds like, Coconut is a seed oil.)

Unscented. Nut free and gluten free. Completely natural - absolutely no chemical dispersants or preservatives. Cruelty free. Vegan. Made in the USA.
Cost per treatment = 49 cents (in gallon size)


This product is Ultra concentrated so we recommend that you use it sparingly for optimal results and for optimum control with deep tissue massage techniques. Approved for use from head to toe, especially on sensitive skin areas such as the face, neck and abdomen. Towel off any excess. To create your own custom gel, mix 2 ounces of Pure Pro Ultra Blend with 6 ounces of Pure Pro Hypoallergenic Massage Lotion, then shake well and apply. Mixes well with essential oils for custom Aromatherapy treatments.

This product is intended for professional use on the skin only. Do not take internally. There is a slip and fall hazard if you apply too much oil to the feet. All vegetable oils are potentially combustible if overheated in a clothes dryer. Proper storage and laundering of oily linens is very important. See Pure Pro Orange Degreaser for our Pure Pro Laundry Tips.


Fractionated coconut oil (seed oil), high oleic safflower oil, high oleic sunflower oil, certified organic apricot kernel oil, certified organic avocado oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E - gluten free).

16 Reviews

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    The only oil I use. Great viscosity for massage with or without hot stones and it’s water soluble which means it washes out of linens and clothes. I’ve been using this Ultra oil for years and I love it!

    Posted by Natalie Gould on 11th Apr 2024

    Pure Pro Ultra oil is the best!! Viscosity for massage and hot stones. Washes out of linens and clothes and this oil is unscented and can be used with essential oils without a problem. I love this oil. Been using it for many many years!!

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    Ultra Massage Oil

    Posted by Jaimie on 1st Aug 2023

    This massage oil has been my go-to product for years, and I am still so happy with it! My massage practice is specifically women's health with a focus on prenatal/postpartum and lifespan. This product is safe and comfortable for women during the perinatal times, for infant massage, and for elder massage. The fact that it is water dispersable is icing on the cake, saving me from having to replace sheets as frequently. It blends well with a touch of shea butter if I need that, as well as with essential oils. Safe for people with nut allergies. I'll keep buying this although my only complaint is the cost and having to ship it (wish there was west coast distribution) but even with my volume of clients (you don't need to use a lot) this lasts me almost a year.

  • 5

    Posted by Sarah Romero on 13th Oct 2022

    I graduated in 2008 having purchased a 16 oz bottle of this from the school store, and it's been my preferred oil ever since. It provides the glide needed without being overly thick. I can use as little or as much needed for the skin I'm dealing with - dry or oily; aging and thin or young and healthy. I still have sheets from my early career that have never smelled of oils that can't quite get washed out (and I use fragrance-free detergents; usually 7th Gen). No staining, no smell, clean and the highest quality. No need for me to ever try something else when this has been my go-to since my career started.

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    Pure Pro Ultra Water Dispersible Massage Oil

    Posted by Shirley Joy Smith on 2nd Mar 2022

    Pure Pro Ultra has been my favorite massage oil for over 25 years (since 1994)! It works great for: prenatal, deep tissue, hot stone massage, etc. It is very light & (not sticky at all). The quality is well worth the price and I plan to continue to use it for many more years.

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    Love this massage oil

    Posted by Toula on 5th Nov 2021

    Great massage oil. Glides nicely during massage, doesn't leave client feeling greasy and easy clean up!

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    I use this exclusively

    Posted by Sarah on 11th Sep 2020

    I have used this oil since 2008 when I bought my first bottle at school. It’s light, non-greasy, unscented, creates just the right level of friction, and cleans without straining or lingering scent. I trust this product and will use it till I retire.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Liz on 16th Aug 2020

    I’ve been a massage therapist for 18 years and this is the only product I use

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    Not the cheapest but the best

    Posted by Julie A Clemons on 10th Feb 2020

    This oil may cost more than others but I have total confidence that it will be good for my clients' skin, wash out of everything easily, and make for comfortable grip for the types of massage that I do most frequently. A little goes a long way, too, so it's very economical.

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    Best massage oil

    Posted by Laurie Dulude on 29th Sep 2019

    This oil can be used for any type of massage. A little goes a long way making it cost efficient. Also, it does not stick with the sheets. It washes out completely: no stains or scent. My clients also love it. It absorbs and they don't feel greasy.